We work with hundreds of materials and fabrics for many industries ranging from Furniture Manufacturing to Fashion.

Cutting, Etching, Machining and forming a variety of materials over the years helps us assist in material recommendations for your projects.

Here are some of the more common materials and their applications we work with.


- Extensively used in high end Kitchens, Cabinetry, Architectural Features & Consumer Products

- Excellent for machining/cutting and laser etching

- Most sustainable/green product we work with

Plywood, MDF & Particleboard
- Structural, Marine, Decorative & Film faced
The list of applications is too large mention.

Acrylics, Polycarbonates and Engineering Plastics

- Signage
- Construction
- Medical
- Automotive

The list is endless!

Aluminium Composite Panel

- Signage Industry

- Building construction (commercial facias)

- Leathers, Polyester, Nylon, Organza, Scuba Knit, Cotton
- Fashion

Solid Sustainable Plantation & Recycled Timber

- Furniture
- Housing Construction
- Consumer Products

Rigid Foams
- Varying weights/densities for mould making.